AstroEdu Brings Astronomy to Bolivian Teachers

A report sent by Gabriel Andres Jaimes Illanes.

AstroEdu – Cochabamba, a free workshop for teachers, was carried out with great success on August 17 2019, bringing together teachers from different districts of Cochabamba and other cities as well. As part of the Open Astronomy Schools project of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), keynote presentations, diagnostic tests, instrumental workshops, prize raffle and institutional certification were given to all participants.

Some highlights of the event:

– Free capacity-building and empowering of teachers for development of astronomy in Sustainable Developing Goals scenarios.

– Encouraging the sharing of resources, empowering of proper teachers initiatives, providing free tools, opportunities, and useful experiences for teachers.

– Astronomical instrumentation workshop, providing information on different kinds of telescopes, accessories, and applications.

– Planisphere construction workshop.

– Raffle with useful prizes such as laptop solar chargers, astronomical observation vests, laser pointers, and compasses.

Experts and representatives of Astronomy field in Bolivia were reunited as presenters and instructors of the event.

We appreciate the significant work of the AstroEdu Organizing Team – Cochabamba, The International Astronomical Union (IAU), the host institution of the San Agustín College, Heroes del Boquerón College, SIE – Integral Energy Services, Outreach Coordinator – IAU, Space Generation Advisory Council, NASE , Icarus Group, Kronos Cultural Center, September 21 College, and all participants for their interest in this event.