2019 Teacher Training Call

Approved Proposals

The Evaluation Panel received exactly 100 proposals for the 2019 call. After careful evaluation, the Panel selected the 20 proposals listed below. We congratulate everyone for the time dedicted in submitting a proposal, and wish a very successful training session. We will continue to update this website with future opportunities.

Mirjeta DomiAlbania
Jamal MimouniAlgeria
Gabriel Andres Jaimes IllanesBolivia
Vladímir Jearim Peña SuárezBrazil
Maria Argudo-FernandezChile
Chenzhou CuiChina
Albert ForsonGhana
Ramya ManjunatIndia
Tilman HartwigLiberia
Nadeem OozeerMauritius
Emilio Zuniga HernandezNicaragua
Anna Bukiewicz-SzulPolska
A-In ChoRepublic of Korea
Carmen Alexandra MiricioiuRomania
Salma SyllaSenegal
Ashan AriyawansaSri Lanka
Deodatus Stanley KiribaTanzania
Aysegul F. Teker YelkenciTurkey
Andrea SosaUruguay
Linda StrubbeUSA / Nigeria
Approved Proposals – Open Astronomy Schools 2019 Teacher Training Call

Taking advantage of the large number of astronomy educators around the globe, we are launching a call for proposals for the promotion of the Open Astronomy Schools (OAS) teacher training events. The main goal is to reach 100 nations with innovative astronomy teacher training events following the criteria established for the OAS.

The OAS training have to:

  1. Address elementary themes and/or concepts of astronomy. To see a list, please visit: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Astronomy
  2. Address at least one of the following IAU100 themes:
    • New Worlds: ‘Are we alone?’
    • 100 Years of General Relativity: Eclipse
    • Astronomy Natural and Cultural Heritage
    • Inclusive Astronomy
  3. Use resources that address at least three types of activities such as:
    • naked eye or small telescopes observations,
    • hands-on activities,
    • new technologies
    • robotic telescopes and data mining.
  4. Address student centered methodologies such as: inquiry-based learning, project based learning, etc
  5. Address at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. Be organized during 2019.

The final programme of the session should be submitted to the OAS Task Force for the approval via an online form (see below).

In order to receive the official “Open Astronomy Schools” certificate for all the participants, the session coordinator must submit; a  summary report of the session, photos and request that participants fill in the following form.

Online training sessions on the Open Schooling Movement will be offered via a series of webinars and online support sessions devoted to teachers and ambassadors taking part of the Open Astronomy Schools Activities.  Among the issues to be addressed in these sessions are:

  • What is the role of schools as a knowledge hubs?
  • How to transform students in change makers of their communities?
  • How to solve problems using the Design Thinking methodology?
  • The added values of the OSOS tools.

Call for Proposals

The call for teacher training proposals in the framework of the OAS will be permanently open until the end of the IAU100 celebrations. Promoters willing to have endorsement and certification of their training sessions should present their proposals here.  Each proposal will be reviewed by the OAS task force and the approved sessions will be eligible to use the OAS-IAU100 logo, to be announced in both IAU100 and OAS site and social media. Participants will be entitled to receive the OAS-IAU100 participation certificate and promoters the OAS-IAU100 ambassadors certificates. Furthermore, the IAU has earmarked a small amount of funding to support the OAS activities.

This call for proposals is targeted at providing seed funding and basic support in order to stimulate teacher training workshops in developing regions. Note that although this funding is aimed specifically at “developing countries”, exceptions with appropriate motivation will be accepted – the main concern simply being who the beneficiaries would be. Proposals should also be in alignment with the IAU100 goals and more specifically the OAS goals listed above.

These small grants (up to 500 Euros) are intended to simply act as a stimulus to support organizations who are enthusiastic about improving the science teaching in classroom worldwide. Efficient use of these funds to train teachers capable of further train other peers and successfully implement the learned resources and tools in classroom would result in a solid start of a local community for the global OAS effort.

The funds shall be used to:

  • Produce material to distribution to workshop participants
  • Travel and subsistence for teachers attending the workshop, when needed
Funding Conditions
  1. Funding will be limited to a maximum of 500 Euros per proposal.
  2. Only completed application forms will be considered.
  3. Submission must be on the English language.
  4. Successful applicants will be required to sign a Terms of Reference and abide by the grant’s reporting criteria.
Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in the selection of projects.

  1. Alignment with the IAU100 Goals.
  2. Quality and relevance of workshop content.
  3. Innovativeness and creativity of approach.
  4. Clear timeline indicators.
  5. Cost effectiveness of the project including a detailed budget.
  6. Potential to raise funding from other sources.
  7. Degree of impact of the project with potential for sustainability.
Proposal Evaluation

The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the OAS Task Group in consultation with the IAU 100 committee.

Proposal Requirements

All proposals must be submitted in completed application forms.

Closing Date

The call for proposals will be open until the end of the IAU100 celebrations. Proposals requesting funds have to be submitted until 28 February 2019 at 23:59h CET. All applicants requesting financial support will receive feedback regarding the decision in late March 2019.

For more information

OAS Task Force

Gustavo Rojas (e-mail)

Rosa Doran (e-mail)