Open Schools for Open Societies

Is your school an added value for your community?

Join OSOS and transform your school into a knowledge centre, to inspire, to engage and to connect, where students make real discoveries and have an important role in their community.

Did you ever imagine your school as …

The knowledge centre of your communityThe privileged place for science communication The most important community development hub
Where people go to search for answers to important topics like vaccinations, ecology, politics, etc.Where experts share the most important frontier topics to students and all other community membersWhere students’ work is recognised and provides an important long lasting impact in the local community

The place where young people’s dreams come true

OSOS – Open Schools for Open Societies

OSOS is an H2020 European funded project, led by 19 international partners that brings an innovative model of school that sets the path towards an open school environment. The project leads teachers, school heads, educators, museum professionals, researchers, parents associations and students themselves to design a new type of school where co-creation, sharing of knowledge and partnerships are privileged.

Last year, over 500 teachers around Europe participated in the project and helped their students make the difference in their community!

Join this amazing network of teachers and be part of this movement!

And/or contact us personally by e-mail.

See the national coordinators contacts here to check if you have one. All European and non-European participants that don’t belong to a partner country of the project will be supported by NUCLIO: